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This pack of Presets for Vital is just what you need to make that jump up banger or bootleg to crush the dance!  34 Bass Presets to make you want to punch a Viccar in the face, We here at preset food in no way condone violance but you will definitly think about it when you hear these patches! 


Grab them today to get some quick insperation for that new banger you are working on. 

Bigup the Scene

34 Nu Jump Up Bass Presets for Vital

  • You Get:

    34 Nu Jump Up Presets that will be just what you need for that new tune  you are working on to make you want to punch a vicar. 

  • INFO:

    This is a Preset Pack for Vital Synth, You can download Vital For free in order to be able to use the sounds in your productions. You can get it —here—

    For preset pack installation instructions go —here—

    File Size: 16.8MB

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