How to Install Preset Packs into Vital Synth

Vital is a game changing synth created by Matt Tytel It has so many incredible features that are on other software synths but with one key difference it is Free and Open Source!

How to get started using vital and install the bank you have purchased from

For people who are new to making music in the computer you are going to need a Digital Audio Workstation or DAW this is where you make your music and there are lots of choices of DAW's. Some of the most popular are Ableton Live, Logic Pro x (Mac Only). Cubase, Reaper, FL Studio.

1: Go to Sign up and download the free version or the payed version if you wish to support Matt Tytel

2: Install Vital and open it in your DAW.

3: Download and unzip the .vitalbank file on your hard drive.

4: Go to the menu in vital and click on Import Bank

5: Navigate to your download on your hard drive

6: Import the bank and then browse presets. If the bank imported successfully it will be in the list of banks.

7: make a massive tune with your new incredible sounds from and take over the wold on your private jet.