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Over a year in the making this pack of 1000 Original Presets for Massive is exactly what you have been looking for to bring you fresh inspiration for your music making.

MASSIVE 2.webp

Amazing deal 1000 Presets for £40.00 

A Massive Bank of  Presets for a Massive Synth!

The presets are prymarryly made forDrum and Bass but could work for any genre.

1000 TC Massive Presets LQ BOX.jpg


1000 Massive Presets

  • Classic Bass

  • Leads

  • Melodic Loops

  • Pads

  • Effects

  • Risers

  • Drum Loops

Watch a Video Example Here!

Audio Examples

The above example are single note holds.

Massive Image.jpg

Native Instruments Massive is a highly regarded software synthesizer known for its exceptional sound quality and versatile features. It is a little old school but still popular choice for producers and musicians across a wide range of genres.

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