Bring your Massive back to life and get some serious inspiration for £40


I'm actually shook that I am releasing this pack. I know I am going to kick myself when I hear one of the presets on a big tune and I was sure that I would rinse it for a year at least but I have decided that I will just enter the race with the rest of you and it might make me more motivated to get there first.

What you are buying when you get this pack it not only a pack of distinct flavour like gourmet ingredients but also a part of my life. It has been a year in the making which was way longer than I ever imagined it would take to make a thousand presets for any synth.


- All presets organised in categories

- Thoughtful use of macros

- Every preset made from scratch

- All presets made at DnB tempo and designed for DnB


1000 TC Massive Presets